Short & Sweet

​Hi! My name is Lucy (she/they) and I'm a registered nurse by trade who believes in the holistic approach to blending the art and science of life. I am committed to a harm reduction and anti-oppression model of care that affirms you and respects your first-hand knowledge of your own health. My intention is to honor your personal sovereignty and provide a space to refuel and revive in the innate wisdom within you. My practice is inclusive of diverse individuals, bodies, genders, and sexual orientations. I am body-positive and sex-positive.

  • Registered Nurse since 2012 with a BSN degree

  • Have worked in a variety of health care locations - hospital & clinic

  • Currently work in Population Health and Urgent Care today

  • Became a board certified nurse coach in 2019

  • Part of the Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC), American Cannabis Nurses Association (ACNA), and GLMA

  • Intuition/Inner Voice Facilitator  - certified by Jess Lively

  • Reiki II Practitioner

  • Ecstatic Dance Facilitator

  • Conscious event designer

I am a total life-long learner, who will drink her body weight in tea. Also love hiking, exploring new places, and all things music.


My journey to Honey of the Heart


Ever since I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a nurse. I used to joke that it “runs in the blood” as my mom and grandma were both nurses.

When I graduated high school my eyes were set on getting my nursing degree. During school and even after I graduated, I worked on a medical/surgical floor at a local hospital. It provided me the opportunity to learn in-depth about the body (e.g. surgery/recovery, disease process/progression, end-of-life care, etc…) as well as the emotional and support system of each individual. It was here I quickly realized we are more than our medical diagnoses.

Me relocating in 2014 inspired me to look at the nursing field from a different viewpoint - the clinic setting. Today I work in Urgent Care and Population Health, and it has opened the doors to working with patients of all ages and stages in life. This is where I learned more about preventive medicine, and how taking care of yourself now can set you up in the future.

It inspired me to evaluate my own life and health. I was suffering from insomnia, jaw pain, headaches, and panic attacks. It impacted how I lived and showed up in the world. I followed my curiosities which led me to evaluate everything in my life (e.g. health choices, friendships, where I was living, etc…) and try things like acupuncture, yoga, reiki, and meditation. What I found was that these symptoms were a root cause of something bigger, and I wasn’t listening to what my body was trying to tell me.

I’ve learned and received such healing benefits from both eastern and western medicine. I knew deep in my bones that I wanted to offer the blend of the two. But how? That was when I found nurse coaching and how Honey of the Heart Coaching was born.

This is the journey that has led me here to you today. And if you have read this far, I truly and sincerely appreciate you. May you follow your hunches, curiosities, and the things that bring you joy whether they be big or small. Life's too short not to enjoy the sweetness of your heart💛