Hear from the bees

Michaela McAvoy

38 Montana

Prior to working with Lucy, I struggled with incorporating healthy eating into my lifestyle. I had a few bad habits that I knew were bad, but just couldn't stop doing! She helped me incorporate small changes which ended up having a huge impact in my life. She helped me discover that I am the one that holds the power to make those changes. I now have been more consistent with bringing my meals and snacks to work, packing healthy, nutritious snacks for road trips, AND have been much more consistent at incorporating a Whole Food Plant Based Diet (even with the family!!)! I have more confidence in my clothes, as well as an overall sense of feeling healthier. Lucy does an amazing job at helping to recognize accomplishments made between sessions. I felt encouraged and empowered after every session! I recommend Lucy to anyone looking to make positive changes in their lives. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have worked with her!

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Cassie Spiegelhoff

29 Wisconsin


The state of my life before nurse coaching was very forced. It was so strict and almost a restrictive mindset. Through nurse coaching with Lucy it gave me the space to dive deeper into topics that seem surface level but are symptoms of deeper emotional states that I’ve been suppressing. It gave me the safety, peace, and space to go deeper to find the root cause of symptoms I was experiencing. I feel more light, free, and aware now after our coaching sessions thus far. Our conversations about the emotional triggers that manifest as physical symptoms was interesting to dive deeper into. Also the conversation and information Lucy provided to me about the current medicine I’m taking was insightful as well. The benefits to coaching together gave me the time, space, and reflection with someone who has great insight to look at the whole picture and make decisions based on that. The results from our coaching together is less anxiety, better energy, and knowing what my triggers are! Lucy was very gentle, clam, and serene.



44 Wisconsin

When I started my sessions with Lucy, I felt like I was stuck.  Knowing I needed to move forward in action and in mindset, but having a hard time putting steps in place.  She listened without judgement and allowed the conversations to naturally flow to areas that I needed to discuss, allowing a safe space to verbalize emotions and feelings that are usually kept inside and private.  She asks powerful questions that encourage more thought on the root of the issue or feeling.  Her visualization activities are amazing!  Drawing from your stories she creates a visualization that is uniquely crafted just for you.  Through these activities came my most profound moments during our sessions.  The visualizations allowed realizations to come forward that I was unaware were subconscious blocks to my journey.  What I have learned about myself during our sessions has helped me regain my self-confidence and personal empowerment.  I would recommend coaching with Lucy for anyone, especially if you are feeling blocked and looking for your next step.


DeRenda Laramore

35 Texas

I was introduced to Lucy during a time of change and transition in life. During our time together she taught me how to center myself, and see the power that I can provide to the world through the light that I have. She helped me talk through some areas of concern, and allowed me to deepen my thoughts on the situations. She provided me with other options to learn and teach with as I pursue my journey. As a client of Lucy’s, I have been able to broaden my scope of understanding and have actually been able to go into conversations with confidence. If you are looking for someone to help you see the power that you hold within and allow you to shine your light to the brightest possible glow, then I highly recommend joining Lucy as she can help you fulfill your dreams on your journey to being the best possible you. 

Image by William Warby

Jessica Seitz

31 Wisconsin

Before we began working together, I was making the decision to leave one job and begin another. I was also beginning to explore leading ecstatic dances, a deeper meditation practice and attempting to date again. Our coaching sessions have helped me create a routine, dive deeper into my soul, and learn how to make myself and my mental health a priority. Our sessions helped me recenter focus on my goals, evaluate what needed changing, and helped me realize just how much my anxiety overcomes my self-talk. Your ability to hold space for me to speak, be vulnerable, and feel has been invaluable. Our sessions have positively impacted me in many ways including implementing a healthy eating routine with fresh juice, learn how to say no to things that don’t align with my true being, and accepting that I need more time to recharge than I have in the past.

Working together has been incredible. It allowed space for me to tune into my feelings and heart and see more than just the surface. It was really helpful when you asked questions multiple times or in different ways to get to the root of how I was feeling. Your ability to help me explore different areas of my mind/body/soul was supportive. I liked the text message breathe reminders most, but I also really enjoyed how you were able to help me tap into different areas of my life that needed re-assessment and then helped my put in goals to slow down and breathe.

The best result from our time together was realizing that I needed to slow down and truly make myself a priority. I didn’t have to feel bad for wanting time to recharge and I didn’t have to feel bad when I needed to cancel plans. I was and am following what I need most. 
I’ve learned that I need to make deep breathing at least once a day a routine. Pausing to breathe helps me reset and get grounded. It helps me get focused, get clarity, and continue with my day without letting my anxiety stories get the best of me. 

I would recommend your coaching to my mother and friends. I think your approach helps not just one area of life but mind, body, and soul. It’s also built around flexibility and being able to choose what is a priority for that week I think helps build more momentum and drives results. 

Image by William Warby

Molly Elsbury

30 Wisconsin

Before we began our sessions, I had just committed to a new business venture, bought a building to house this building, I was juggling my 2 small kids around, we just got a puppy, and my husband was extremely busy with work and projects. So it was (and still is) a very busy time and overwhelming with trying to manage all of our time. Our sessions have helped me slow myself down, not that I have less to do, but just focusing on what is at hand to be fully present in each little moment throughout the day helps me not get to caught up in it all.

The overall experience was great. At the start of each session I never really knew what I wanted or needed to talk about but Lucy would ask simple questions that would just bring things to the surface. I loved how in each of our conversations we kept finding how related all of the topics we discussed were and it was really incredible to see all of the repetition within my life. I loved how easy it is to speak with Lucy, and the best part was after hanging up each time I felt completely re-energized and re focused.

I have been managing my time better for myself and my family while still doing the things I enjoy to do. Understanding that it may not be everyday, but just enjoying and taking those moments when they arise. I've been reading more, practicing my yoga more frequently, and opening up to my husband more. 

The patterns I had created in my life. Also seeing how I was prioritizing my time, which I really wasn't doing, to now just being more mindful about each new day. I also loved when we spoke about my struggling in the mornings to wake up and how our sleep patterns can really affect the rest of our day. And that everyone has different energy levels that shift throughout the day differently and how tuning into my own can help me be more efficient as well.

I do think other young moms like myself could definitely benefit. I found that just by actually talking about some things I had only been thinking about, like wanting to read more often, helped make it more of an attainable reality.