The pandemic has shifted many things for us. One of the main things is how we connect. This 3-part video series is for those who feel like:

  • a piece is missing
  • don't enjoy connecting virtually
  • overall anxious about the whole thing
  • technology isn't their strongest suit


I GOT YOU! As someone who connected almost exclusively in-person to now, being almost exclusively virtual, it's was a tough transition. This series sheds light, fun, and overall wellbeing to enhance your personality, your zest, into your virtual connections. This series is for those wanting to take their virtual connections with friends, family, and/or virtual dating to the next level (1-on-1 or in a group setting).


These videos are short (all together less than 40 minutes long) and sweet to inspire a chuckle or two.

We discuss 3 main topics:

  1. Your environment and setting the mood
  2. You in your environment – how you fully show up and put your best foot forward (virtually speaking)

  3. How to maintain the radiance of your personality throughout the entire conversation, not just the first 5 minutes, while caring for yourself in the process


We'll be addressing the mind bummers, moments of awkward, and shine light on the cheesy situations. Included is a list of resources, that are equally as eccentric, and a playlist to get the party started.


You will receive both the video and audio-only version. With each purchase, 1 tree gets planted in the United States on your behalf as part of the global reforestation by One Tree Planted.

Radiate Through the Virtual Waves