Your Capacity to Hold

Welcome to a space for learning, conversation, exploration, and expansion


It's called Your Capacity To Hold because it’s coming together to support one another. As humans we hold so much!

We wear all these different hats (or labels) in life, and we support all these different types of people in different roles. We also look to other people to do the same for us.


It’s not being so single focused like just on healing, or just on education, or just on playtime. It’s a combination of all of these things because all of those things actually make up our life.

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Monthly 2-hour live interactive event via Zoom

Connect live with like-minded individuals. You'll have the opportunity to learn from a variety of facilitators who will provide support, tools, education, and a safe place for you to interact and express yourself freely. There will be an assortment of discussion topics that the facilitators will provide from mental health strategies, sensuality, career life, astrology, self love and body positivity, relationships and so much more! Each month will have a different focus with a different facilitator.

Our next event is 12/12 from 6-8pm cst/7-9pm edt with Cass as the facilitator. The theme around holding space, empathy vs sympathy while actively listening and holding boundaries.

(P.S. Replays will be available love. Our intention is to re-mind you of your great capacity, not hinder it)

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Welcome gift filled with tangible items that you can utilize inside and outside of the live events

This doesn't include the surprises that will lovingly be placed at your doorstep and/or in your inbox. 

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Online platform to grow, gather, and connect with others outside of the live events

This is an additional space to share resources, share what's going on (from the amazing, to the mundane, and everything in-between), and (you can't forget) to CELEBRATE!