Business with Heart

Our mission is to create a community (or a co-op as we like to say) of heart-led entrepreneurs from all different backgrounds and professions. Business with Heart is a creative way to support the entrepreneurial fire, and assist in the community supporting the stoking and maintaining of that fire. These meets up are unlike any other! It's not a business course, and we're not a business coach, we are a peer support group that wants to see entrepreneurs & their communities thrive.


Some of the benefits include:

  • meeting & networking with other heart-based folks

  • future collaborations and/or referrals

  • insight & creative ideas to assist in effective problem solving

  • scheduled time invested into your business/passion project so it doesn't overtake other areas of life

  • exploring the more gentle side of business: connection, shared experiences, meaningful activities & relationships while serving your gifts, not your fears

  • free courses created by other co-op members that support your personal & business development

  • knowing you are supporting communities far and wide. 10% of the proceeds goes to supporting a different non-profit each month (selected each month by a different co-op member). December's non-profit is to Draw Change. Draw Change supplies materials and art based-therapy to schools. Find at out more at

  • and so much more!

Workflow Group $44.44/month  12/13  3-5:30pm cst / 4-6:30pm est

Creative Business Meetup: A once a month 2.5 hours zoom meeting to come together to ask questions related to business, business blocks & creative ideas to bust the blocks. Open to anyone who is open & willing to hear ideas from others that strengthen your gifts, not your fears. The intention is not to have this be another stuffy, boring, snooze fest of a meeting. Walk away with tangible ideas, action steps, and accountability while having some fun along the way. Each meet up is interactive and will incorporate a fun way to get out of the mind and into our hearts.

In addition this bundle includes:

  • WhatsApp group chat to connect outside of the meetups

  • A business bestie partnership (totally optional)

  • Online courses created by co-op members

  • List of resources created by co-op members

  • Recordings of previous meet ups

Hear the buzz!

"The event for me was incredibly informative and honestly groundbreaking. I've been excited about my business obviously, but when we hit a certain point I got full body tingles and that was finally the affirmation I needed to know I'm on the right path. If it weren't for this group I'm not sure I ever would have received that sign. I've never been to a business meet-up in general, but have been to enough networking events to know that this is different, and much more aligned to who I am as a person. If anybody has been looking for an effective & heartwarming group to join, especially in quarantine, this is it!" -Katy Powell

"Y’all I just listened to the creative business meet up she had this week and it was truly phenomenal. As a new entrepreneur it gave me a lot of insight and it was the perfect touch of “woo” that I needed as well." -Nicole P

"This event was a refreshing connection point with other business owners. I felt free to speak up about pain points and also felt less alone as I listened to other business owners experiencing similar difficulties. It was an open time to share, problem solve, and breathe deeply." -Megan J


"I attended Honey of the Heart's zoom meeting bee-cause I was curious. I ended up having so many great takeaways! The discussion between the members was the perfect start to the week! -Amanda


Can I join anytime?

  • Absolutely!!

Can I cancel my membership at anytime?

  • Totally!

What if I can't make it live?

  • No problemo! The meetings will be recorded and uploaded to a shared Google Drive folder to view anytime.

Can I join if I'm toying around with the idea of being an entrepreneur or just started a business?

  • Oh my goddess, YES! Folks from all seconds/weeks/month/years of experience can join.

How professional is this thing? Like is business casual required?

  • Oh, HELL NO! Come as you are! Messy hair & pjs welcomed (p.s. we also love animals!). You can also come and go as you please.

How can I connect with other co-op members outside of the meet up​?

  • We'll be using WhatsApp. It's a great tool that's free that you can text, send audio recordings, videos, even GIFs!

Tell me more about the online courses...

  • Free courses created by other co-op members that can be used to enhance your professional, spiritual, and/or self-development. We have Manifestation & Goal Setting Workshop, Yoga for Virtual Workers, and Forgive & Release Online Course all ready at your fingertips. We're excited to add more!

If I'm a part of the co-op, do I have to upload a course?

  • Nope, it's not required if it doesn't align with you. Just know it's an included feature.

​Speak more about the resources list...

  • It's shared on Google Drive for everyone in the co-op (aka you and everyone in the group) to enjoy and add to if you want. So we have the ability to share email templates, podcasts, articles, books, and all the other resources in-between even outside of the meet ups and look at them when we need it the most!

Anything else I should know?

  • Remember friends, this membership can be a business tax write off :)